Nigellas Fortified Honey 100 g

Nigellas Fortified Honey 100 g
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Nigellas fortified honey 100 ml

Indication: anti aging and rejuvenation  (rasayana treatment)

Some details about Rasayana treatment: this is a particular treatment practice done to increase the energy,  health and life expectancy. It gives prolonged life span, cure for diseases, mental and physical health,   and mainly support a weak immune system. That would be especially for those of us who are always getting ill, feel run down and have little energy. It gives your defense system the ability to fight. While it avoids diseases by stimulating the physical hormones it also maintains the physical beauty. Research around the world shows that Black Seed Oil contains more than 100 natural synergistic health characteristics


For chest and coughing troubles, strengthens the heart, purifies the blood, stimulates the liver, useful for nausea, and purifies the urinary tract. Acts as diuretic, fragments stones, and is very useful for cases of congested bladder.

Mode of Use

A spoonful of this honey is taken dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water or milk one hour before every main meal or three hours after it. For general health purposes, it is taken as desired.

The sizes are available in 100 g  

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