Nigellas Black Seed Oil 100ml

Nigellas Black Seed Oil 100ml
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Nigellas black seed oil 

Come! feel the healing power!!!


Proudly introducing Nigellas Herbal Healthcare­- Kerala’s first Black Seed oil producing company with Kerala government Drug Control Authority recognition.

Black seed :black cumin seed (nigella sativa)

 From the time immemorial, black seed is the first advised medicine for any ailment. As a first aid or as a detailed course, black seed has its successful medical testimonies. This ‘millimeter big’ seed is blessed with an unbelievable account of power to cure and care. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prescribed this medicinal seed to withstand anything other than death! Many Holy Scriptures narrates its medicinal value and our highly advanced medical world seconded it decades before. It has been referred as a medicinal herb for nearly 4000 years for a wide range of healing capabilities. Yes!! with Nigellas Herbal Healthcare, life won't be the same any more. 

Indication: anti aging and rejuvenation  (rasayana treatment)

Increasing the energy, boosting up  health and life expectancy.An ultimate Cure for mental and physical disorders especially for those who are always sick, feel run down and have little energy.Makes immune system stronger.Blocks diseases by stimulating the physical hormones and  maintains the physical beauty. Helps to restore your skin and adds a youthfull glow to your appearance. Washes out your dullness and brings out your vibrant and ever shining personality.

Black seed: black seed is rich in Protien, Carbohydrate, Essential oil, Omega 6, Omega 3, Enzymes, Calcium, Iron, Pottasium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, B Complex vitamins  elements which cure diseases.


other elements of Black seed

 1.Thymoquinone: 2. Nigallon

strong anti oxidant.

·           Good for detoxification

·          Reduces pain

·           Protects lungs

·          Prevents asthma, allergy etc.

1.       Sponin melatin

·         Effective in destroying parasites in infants

·         Promotes absorbing of nutrients from food

·         Stimulates quick removal of bronchial mucous.

2.               Beta Sterol: reduces cholesterol

3.       Selenium:   an anti-oxidant which prevents the growth of cancer. Prevent blood clots, Highly effective for skin diseases.

4.       B- Carotene:   prevents cancer

5.       Arginine:   essential for infant growth. 

Above described components make Nigallas black seed oil a cure for most the disease.

 Unique features of Negallas

-         Quality checked.

           Ranked best by modern research studies.

-         Production in own plant helps to maintain the quality in all stages.

 -        Strictly avoidsRadiation, Solvent, Preservative, multifiltration, other external agents which  produces opposite effects.

-         Rich  content of volatile oil makes Nigallas Herbal Healthcare highly effective.

-    We believe in our Nigallas Herbal Healthcare so much that we can assure you with 100% money back guarantee!!

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